Klingon Government

Klingon High Council:

The ruling body of the Klingon Empire, made up of about a dozen representatives, is lead by a Chancellor or Council leader.  The Council meets in the great hall on Qo'nos.  The council has a long history of political intrigue and power struggles.  The Klingon High Council is the governing body of the Klingon Empire.  The members of each council are charged with overseeing the welfare of the Empire and it's citizens.  Each council member usually heads one of the major Departments within the Empire, so that the council can meet and make informed decisions of policy based on input from the members of all said Departments.

Rite of Succession:

Process whereby a new leader was chosen for the Klingon High Council following the death of the previous leader.  The rite first required the Sonchi, in which the previous leader was formally certified tobe truly dead.

Next the arbiter of succession was required to select the challengers for leadership of the council.  The two strongest challengers would then fight for the right to lead the council.  Jean-Luc Picard was once chosen to the arbiter of succession for K'mpec.

The Sonchi Ceremony:

The Sonchi Ceremony formally confirmed the death of a leader before his successor is chosen. 

The ritual involves jabbing the body with Klingon pain stick while issuing a verbal challenge.  Sonchi translates into "He is dead".


Klingon Military

Klingon Warriors:

A Klingon, since he or she is born, are bred to be a warrior.  A Klingon male is first considered to be a man when he can hold a blade in is hand.  Klingon Warriors prefer their hair unkempt, along with their goatees and moustaches.

N'Yengoren strategy:

Used against fortified ground based strongholds.


Elite Klingon military unit.  It translates to "Brotherhood of the Sword".  Personal security force of the Chancellor.

Order of the Bat'leth:

Another elite Klingon military unit.

Dahar Master:

Elite Klingon Warrior.  Kor was a Dahar master.





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